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After Axes, Head to Our Sister Bar: Clues and Cocktails

After Axes, join us at our sister bar Clues and Cocktails!

It’s time to turn yourself in Inmate! Lucky you, our prison will serve you the best cocktails in Atlanta while you continue to try and argue your case. Clues and Cocktails is an immersive experience-driven bar presently designed after an old 1940s style prison. In our world, you can sip on themed cocktails such as The Hole, Warden’s Wife or Execution and delicious food such as the Chain Gang all while commiserating with other fellow inmates on your (un)fortunate circumstances. Break codes and puzzles that are sprawled around the premises to help support your escape. Or join us for our featured experience, Criminal Minds, a theatrical production where guests have the chance to solve clues to potentially change the outcome of a young man.

314 Auburn Ave, Atlanta GA 30303

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